Le début

This is an exploration of my mind and since this is my blog, most of the stuff talked about here will either be about me or about life’s contents as seen through my eyes or as understood or misunderstood by me.

The beauty about having a blog is the ability to be self-centered and not worrying about being given grief and looked at badly, you own the show, you are in your zone, you are the shit!

Just to prepare you for this ride, here’s a few things you should expect……;

1. I am always trying to be funny, sometimes I succeed.

2. I do not hold any special writing skills and my level of study of the English language is really basic, so do not expect any special phrases, hard words or professional presentations (this is like saying “I know I’m fake but please keep reading”, and sadly you are still reading, so I do not know who the fake one is!).

3. I like to use words that are perceived as ‘BAD’ for many ‘DESCENT’ people, to me these words are the best way to emphasize a point…take an example of these two statements below;

(a) “I felt so embarrased and all”

(b) “I felt so fucked up and shit”

Honestly, which statement says more about how fucked up that person felt?? 🙂

See, I told you I can be funny sometimes and if you are not smiling then you are one sad motherfucker 🙂 🙂 :).

Anyway boys & girls, in my blog, I am just going to try and put a smile on thy face all the time, I’m gonna be real with you and hope to help you bring out the realness in you.

No one is paying me for this shit so I’m saying bye for now.

Till the next time I have stuff on my mind.



~ by arthurscount on May 7, 2010.

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