I don’t know whether I’m supposed to say ‘hi’ before I start writing or I should just get on with the article….. anyway, it’s my blog, what the hell!?

What kind of music do you listen to? What does your music do for you? Do you love music at all? (Damn you if you don’t).

Music is an art whose medium is sound (Wikipedia), it’s part of all cultures in the world, in fact it’s one of the very few characteristics shared by all cultures in the world, others are sex, family etc. (I am trying to intimidate you and make it seem like I know some shit, and that I read some books…don’t be fooled!…anyway but I know some shit that you don’t, that’s the truth).

Fuck!, now I’m a drifting from my story, okay, let’s focus….

I am a collector of music, most of which I genuinely like, the other part I just collect for bragging rights and shit. There’s some type of music that you can never find in my collection-country music, this is the only music I truly find unbearable. You see for me music is supposed to make me high (not high as in drunk you spoilt brats), I mean spiritually high, happy and filled with joy and shit, this is not what country music does, in fact for me it does the exact opposite (if you have a problem with me always referring shit to myself, start your own fucking blog, but please keep reading mine even then)….anyway my suggestion is that this depressing peace of shit white music should be banned from our lives, let it be restricted to it’s gay originators and their miserable would be wives (broken back mountain fuckers-if you haven’t watched this movie, DON’T, unless you are gay, in which case never read my blog again!).

Let’s talk about more interesting music, my favorite music is soul, you know, the likes of India Arie, Al Green, Musiq Solchild (sometimes), John Legend (The great), Jill Scott (She is the shit), Corrine Bailey Rae (Now I’m bragging), Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye…..This music is the real shit…There is also a different kind of soul, the hip hop soul, the likes of Common, Talib Kweli, Guru (R.I.P), Mos Def (He is the shit), Lupe Fiasco (You can’t fuck with him)…This Music is the Shit for real!

I am not rigid though, I like Hip Hop, RnB, Pop (Not Rock), Dance Hall, Reggae (Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Maxie Priest, Spanner Banner, UB 40 etc…)

Then we have our own local shit (If you are not Ugandan or African, you don’t know shit about music unless you have listened to music made here), the likes of Bobi Wine, Grace Nakimera, Chameleon, Afrigo Band (They are the shit!), Elly Wamala (R.I.P), Bebe Cool, Dr. Hilderman (Amelia and Mazongoto were the shit), Sweet Kid (Looks gay though), Mose Radio and Weasel, Raba Daba, Navio, Ragga D, Cindy, and many more. The only problem is that some of these names are too local to be put along side the names above, these fuckers should get cooler names (I thought twice about including Grace ‘NAKIMERA’, but her music surpassed so……).

Music is the shit, you want it when you are down and depressed, when you are happy and shit, when you are worshiping, when you are having a meal (You know that song they always play on weddings just before serving dinner?, I have never understood that move, why don’t they play songs like “move bitch, get outta the way!” so that all the bitches can know it’s time for them to move out of the way for gangsters to serve?).

Music is the shit, with the right music you can put your mind in the perfect state to archive great things (I am bullshitting, I’m no therapist, grow up you desperate fucks), but seriously, this works for me, Bob Marley does the trick (The listening to his music bit, not smoking the leaf bit, you good for nothing idiots, but I hear the Smoking bit is the shit too).

Music is the shit, have you ever sat down and thought about how our lives would be without it, imagine a party, a bar, church, when you are trying to impress a chic with your collection at campus, a road trip, traffic jam….. etc…..most of these places/activities would almost be meaningless or extremely boring without music.

Music is the shit, the Italians call it Musica (hence the tittle, I am a Mafia wanna be), the French call it Musique, the Dutch call it Muziek, the Greek call it Μουσική, the Kenyans call it Muziki and I call it Ziki (Not so cool, I also just learnt from someone).

Music is simply the SHIT!

Todays Special Topic:

Today I take you to a place called Kiswa, in Bugoloobi, Kampala, Uganda where a Restaurant called Resto is located.

Resto is a traditionally rich beautiful restaurant with a contemporary French cuisine, the interior design is simple but very charming.

Resto really gives you an exotic feeling and a calming enviroment.

The inside area (pictured) is cozy  and homely enough for a nice date.

The waitresses smile and offer you  the right amount of attention you deserve.

It is secluded and hidden away from the madding crowd of Kampala, which is a mega bonus.

However, they have a no beer (actually all alcohol) after 8pm policy unless you are ordering for food……. where the fuck do these idiots think they are, Uganda has the bragging rights for being the biggest alcohol consumer in the world and these mother fuckers go a ahead and put such a policy, this is absolute nonsense.

Besides that, their menu is fixed to 3 dishes, and a plate at ugx 30,000 (no discount on the discount whatsoever)…Fuckers!

The crowd is mostly white (French I guess, I wasn’t clicking the language), and I tell you what, these fuckers can walk in and buy alcohol after 8pm (May be I was just too biased to notice that they ordered for food too and I don’t care).

The manager is white and if you make enough noise about being denied of your right to beer consumption she can bribe you with a round on the house and afterwards kindly asks you to leave (Good move but stupidly executed), the free beer is nice, but one round is not enough! (I’m just saying).

These fuckers need to understand that when we go to places to hang, we as proud Ugandans need our alcohol, we are really not asking for too much, are we?

If they feel like they have enough money and are not after sales and whatever, let them take their damn restaurant to a more developed country and shit……Fuckers.

More pics of the beautiful restaurant below 🙂

PS. The leaf  is just for fun, and you can’t do shit about…it’s my blog.

It’s been great!

Till the next time I’m bored.




~ by arthurscount on May 13, 2010.

17 Responses to “Musica”

  1. Athorious,you are spot on with the music…i must i am shocked that to your collection Hov doesn’t feature:) keep writing.peace

  2. very beautiful resto….how much is the beer?i bet you i could go there ,drink till midnight,not eat their shit and still get a free round…he he he…and not white

  3. India Arie, Al Green, Musiq Soulchild , John Legend , Jill Scott , Corrine Bailey Rae , Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, jasmine sullivane…spot on music for the soul:) Resto is lovely…will look up some french friends and go there 🙂

  4. Your taste in music is ok, but then what’s yo beef with rock?
    Can I add another truly great African artist to your list, Oliver Ngoma, He is the greatest.

    • Go right ahead Fowler5 (What kind of fucking name is this anyway?)

    • Oliver Ngoma is the SHIT! In my issue I mentioned “and many more”…….You can add all’em musicians on your list in your note-pad somewhere, if they are really good like Oliver Ngoma here, just know they fall under “and many more”, you digg???? So please fuck off my kind reader!!!!!

  5. Oh, next time tell us about Liverpool FC, instead of that lousy French restaurant

    • Fowler5, it’s a nice move to take advantage of the low popularity of the blog to ask for such nonsense as Liverpool FC. But since I have no other option yet, I’ll dig up some for you when I’m extremely bored!

  6. The name Fowler5 comes from the name of the greatest footballer ever “Robbie Fowler”, that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.
    We want Liverpool FC, who is with me?

  7. And Talk about chics as well, this is our blog, we are not gay!!!!

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