Sto solo dicendo……….

With every passing day I seriously run out of shit to say.

For those of you miserable fuckers who depend on my blog for an occasional smile, you had better be steady……hahahah, don’t fret, I gotcha!

I would like to thank all you mother fuckers who have endeavored to visit the blog, and especially those who left some comments (not to say that I don’t appreciate the ones who don’t comment, I am just saying that the other guys are a little cooler than you!)

I would also like to say Fuck You! to those who say my blog has too much ‘Shit’ and ‘Fuck’, I warned you from the start, this is how I do my shit, this is my blog, I do not pretend, I do not be nice, I do not fear, I be real!

The blog has really grown, the last time I checked I had a total of 174 readers….that is some cool shit.

One of my readers asked me to write about Liverpool FC…….seriously? Of all the stuff there’s to write about, this kind fool wants me to write about Liverpool FC!!!! For those who don’t know what Liverpool FC is, It’s a football club in England that stably competes in the Premier League and rarely or rather luckily in the Champions League. As for you guys who don’t know what these leagues are, I am sorry, I can’t help you in any way apart from advising you to go and hang!

For my reader who wanted me to write about Liverpool, here are a few things I was able to dig up;

  • Its alias is Loser-pool (For obvious reasons)
  • Their ‘best’ player is called Fernando Torres, a.k.a. El-nino (This means something else totally for Red Pepper writers/readers).
  • They can only win the Champions League when the Pope dies and other such ridiculous superstitions.
  • Their slogan is “never walk alone”……hahahahah, fuckin’ losers!

Anyway, fuck Liverpool, I want to talk about something else……

Okay, I don’t know what I want to talk about, I just know I don’t want to talk about Liverpool fuckin’ FC!

Okay let me think………….

I am thinking………………………

Still thinking………………………… But I swear if there’s anyone reading this nonsense you are so fuckin’ bored, you have fuckin’ internet and with all the million options you have, you are reading this? I have hahad!

Okay, let’s be serious now.

Let’s talk about cars…… Mercedes Benz is the ultimate auto-mobile, if you have driven one before then you know what the fuck I am saying. If you are a chic and have ever been vibed by a guy with an S65 AMG Mercedes Benz (pictured below) and you jammed, that guy was either damn ugly, smelly and didn’t know English or your husband/boyfriend/banger/sugar daddy/uncategorized man in your life bought you the Mercedes Benz SLR 300 (also pictured below). If you don’t fall in any of the groups mentioned- then you are my girlfriend (benz coming soon baby) or you have you have a serious problem, and please don’t say you are not materialistic or some shit like that.

If you have never been vibed by a guy with a Mercedes Benz, hahahahahaha…..sorry, it’s not my fault.


SLR 300

Mercedes Benz is the shit! The car pictured below is a DMG Mercedes Benz simplex manufactured in 1906 (6 six years after the 1900 Agreement), Now, girls and some steezeless guys reading this might not understand the beauty in this car, but for those of you know who can tell badness when they see it, is their any car maker that can fuck with this? I think not.

Below are some of the other cars that I think non of us must ever fuck with;

Today’s special feature: “La virgoletta„

“Its of great pleasure for me to be able to put a smile on your face every now and then, but that’s not all I want to do. I want to teach, I want to inspire, I want to influence, I want to make you a better person in various aspects of life.

Most of you don’t know me and most of you probably never will, which makes this even better, I cannot judge you and you can’t judge me either.

I have got a few lessons from life and after a very keen comparison between myself and various people in my life, I have come to realize that I look at things differently, (you must be thinking to yourself that everyone looks at things in their own way, but this is the difference between me and most you…), my views and opinions are based on reason and facts, my actions are rational and always objectively calculated, these traits have helped me develop a logical personality and therefore my friend, when I talk, it’s wise that you listen.”




~ by arthurscount on May 17, 2010.

8 Responses to “Sto solo dicendo……….”

  1. i must be bored to read this, and even more bored to leave a comment. Blog is good, not great but good. easy on the bad language…I know what Fuck means, you dont really have to keep saying it in every sentance. Am looking for something intellectual to read (I am educated of course!)…this is certainly not it Or not there yet…but i will keep an eye on it. May be F$%k maybe, you will F$%kin write less F$%ks in your sentences. Peace

    • ibs,
      The comment is much appreciated. I agree with you, you must be bored to be reading this. The blog is good but not yet there…….of course, you are not paying for access you damn fuck.
      Don’t we all know the meaning of the words the,is,on,come,go,good,bad,nice…etc, of course we do, do we ever stop using them in sentences of course not!!!
      You are looking for something intellectual, hahahahaha, no you are not! But if you truly are, you will never find it here, visit, here you will only find reality through my eyes (it’s my blog)!!
      Oh and guess what, I will never stop using Fuck and Shit in my sentences, so start your own or adopt the words in your vocabulary.
      Otherwise thanks for reading, more SHIT! to come.

  2. i like ibs…..he is educated of course:) sounds like a funny guy/gal………..and count you would have lost me on the FC liverpool nonsense but you’ve also lost me on the cars…you see i am also educated but a girl!!!!! 😦

  3. count, now that you are talking about cars (especially benz) and liverpool fc, most of us are just starting to pick interest, keep it coming.
    Next time though when u talk about cars u should not forget to talk about Land rover.
    And when u talk about football u should not forget to mention that Liverpool FC is the greatest club in the world.

    • I’ll keep that in mind.
      There’s no way I could forget the Land Rover, that’s why the picture didn’t miss.
      Land Rover 110 Defender is the shit.

      • and the merc g-class

      • The shit too, I must say Fowler5 besides the fact that you support Liverpool FC, you have some really nice taste in Cars & Music.
        No wonder you read my blog.
        You are the shit!

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