Siete il vostro proprio giocatore della stella

What’s cracking?

It’s been long, hasn’t it? Or you haven’t noticed? You mean you didn’t miss my wise words? Don’t pretend, I know you did, I’m the shit!

How much must we compromise what we want for the “right thing”? How big should we sacrifice to fit into the “generally acceptable way of life”? How far do we go just “to get by”?

When is it okay for us to be selfish? When is it fair for us to be selfless?

I’m no expert in life at large but I know a thing or two about shit that occurs in my life, so I am going to selfishly base this “conversation” on personal opinions, views and experiences and I’m going to do it in the most selfless way 🙂

Is it always worth it to put others needs or expectations before yours, do you feel some kind of righteousness when you bring joy to others before yourself?

Why do we go out of our way to please others? Who really deserves this kind of treatment or loyalty from us, Parents? Siblings? Employers? Partners? Best Friends?….. For many, these would be the most probable categories you’d find on their lists. But who really deserves it? Well in my view non of these should be on your list by default, yes, not even your parents.

People should, no let me rephrase that, people MUST deserve to be on this list, no one should be on your list by default apart from you. But then if everyone is waiting for the other person to prove themselves in order to get onto their list, then how will it ever happen, right? I’ll tell you how, take a look at your life right now, think hard about the person you have been most fond of for the longest time, do you remember that moment when they became that kind of person in your life….? No you don’t, do you know why? it’s because there’s no rule, no equation, no cut off point, no moment.

In most cases the person you are most fond of is the one you can say fuck you to and they say fuck you right back in the realest way, they don’t pretend with you and neither do you do with them, they don’t take you for granted and neither do you, they don’t judge you because they know you and what you are about, they are usually in shit with you or the other way round (Yes, there’s a fuckin difference). However, Its very hard for you to have someone like that in your life,  and it’s because one of you is always giving a fuck a little more than the other and therefore causing an imbalance , which then causes tension and what not. Always try to give proportionally to what you get in order not to create an imbalance, you are not being selfish, you are being just.

Don’t try to hard for no one, they don’t own you, they can fuck you up just as easily as they smile at you, give exactly what you receive. Only try to impress when you have been impressed.

Of course its hard for us to live our lives like this, we always hold on to the fuckin past, worry about the present and are scared of the future, so as a result we feel the need to keep some kind of sanity or humanity, we feel the need to be extra nice, extra giving, extra patient even though we are not really receiving the same.

Don’t take shit from anyone that won’t take yours. Try not to allow anyone make you tell a lie, they don’t own you. Be real with those that are real with you, don’t try too hard, in fact don’t try at all, just be!

Live your life meaningfully whenever you get a chance, we hardly get any chances to do what we really want, but if an opportunity ever came up, please don’t be afraid to say ‘fuck it’ to everyone or everything else and follow your heart.

Life will fuck you up if you let it, but life is no mystery, life is that fucker next to you, always in your face, always trying to bring you down, Life is that bitchy boss of yours, the one that doesn’t appreciate what you do, the one that disrespects you, Life is that undeserving job that you are too scared to leave because you don’t know what lies on the side, non of this shit owns you, learn to say fuck it, because life is also that dream that you have, the one that keeps you going, Life is that friend that you hook up with for a drink (esp. alcohol), the one that would be sitting next to you saying, “Damn…we fucked up…but that shit was fun”, life is that girl, the one that calms you down and the one that makes you feel some shit you never knew existed, the one that means the shit to you, Life is that song, Life is that film, Life is that place, LIFE IS YOU!

You are your own star player!




~ by arthurscount on May 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Siete il vostro proprio giocatore della stella”

  1. “Why do we go out of our way to please others?”, I think ultimately everything we do has a selfish motive. We try to please others so we can get our way, be it with a chic, a friend or whoever. Infact when someone does something for me, it leaves me really worried thinking what they could want from me.
    I have realized that the only people we do things for or who do things for us for completely selfless reasons are our family.
    If you go out of your way to please someone who is not your brother, sister, father or mother and you are not thinking of yourself then …., I don’t know what to say, you are different and weired

    • Hahahahahaha, Different and Weird!!!?? Aren’t we all.
      I know some family members who do things for each other for completely selfish reasons, I know friends who do shit for each other for completely selfless reasons.
      For me, there’s really no category but characteristics. You have not had of brothers killing each other over property?, sisters not talking to each other over a man? Your sibling is just as capable of fucking you up as the strange guy in the bar?
      But I agree with you, its most probable that when someone does shit for you and they are not your family then there’s a motive, few people do things for each other genuinely! Its fucked up this world we live in!

  2. wow..this is some good shit.i need to stop reading to the blog and go meet the person that makes my life the shit. peace out

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