What say you?

Below is what one my readers had to say about my previous post;

I must say you’ve finally written something intelligent, less plagiarism which is good because most of us want to read what people really think…not about stupid things like cars because i can surf the net myself and find information on nice cars…but i cant find your views, unless you write them ofcourse.

Although these are your opinions and i respect them, I sense abit of that saying…A bad work man….! You seem to blame all the problems of the World on the White race. They have a lot to answer for, but not everything. For example, Do you want to blame the white man for the corruption of our leaders? Everyone knows how you can keep yourself safe from AID’s but if you are stupuid enough not to protect yourself, whose fault is that? This is just an example of what we can do for ourselves. And You really think the invention of money is holding us back…I wonder how many people want to go back to trading goods for goods/services? We’ve got to be careful not to be spoon fed, we’ve got lots of clever people in our country/continent but every1 seems to look out for no. one. what a shame.

Below was my response to them;

Hehehehehe, ibs, it’s been quite long, it’s nice to have you back. Thanks for the comment, it’s much appreciated as always.
I don’t blame the white race for everything and it’s true what you say that if we cannot get ourselves out of this terror then we might as well blame ourselves for the stupidity, I agree with you there. However, what I blame the white race for is the creation of these things, I mean sure we are bright enough to avoid AIDS, prevent malaria, not vote for George W Bush or anyone with that last name ever again, keep away form carrier jobs and PHD’s, trade in kind etc, but you see we wouldn’t have to go through all these precautionary measures if these creations never occurred. Corruption was sprung by creation of money, who should we blame?
You say that we have got to be careful not to be spoon fed yet that’s what the white race’s empire is built upon, they make everything easily accessible to you, all you have to do is go to school for 20years of your life, get a job for the rest of your life, wake up every morning and apply yourself for their ultimate benefit and in return they’ll give you a car, a house, credit facility and in the end to trap your whole lifetime in their boxed kingdom.
If we still did barter trade everyone would know that if they didn’t work hard enough to perfect their own creations/products/ideas/gifts, then their survival would be in danger, but who needs perfection if you can get a job as an account manager in a big corporation and get a salary???? We are all slaves to the money, but we are even worse to the few who control it, we are merely puppets.

But I am proud of mankind, in-fact my heart goes out to mankind because midst all this craziness and fight for survival that we have been subdued into, we still flourish.

What is your take in all this?

Let your opinions known, non of us is an expert in life since we all get to live once, so let your voices heard.




~ by arthurscount on July 7, 2010.

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