I am too wild to be caged, I am too big to be put in a cubical, I am too smart to be supervised, I am too ambitious to be employed, I am too intelligent to be led, I am too proud to be here, but I am wise enough to know it’s not the right time to strike. L. Arthorious.


~ by arthurscount on July 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “WORDS”

  1. I like that. Beautiful.
    This might not look cool on your noir blog, however I have an award for you under the post, “50 posts later”

  2. Thanks Lisa, I wrote that, feeling exactly like that. It’s a good feeling of self empowerment.

    Oh and thanks for the award 🙂 Although I am not sure if I belong to this category, unlike you, most of your readers will not understand why I write what I write and might take major offense. You have repeatedly shocked me out of my senses that you read my blog the first time and came back to it after that, I was truly humbled and I grew a certain kind of respect for you.

    I have a reasonable readership but hardly any comments, that means that they enjoy reading what I write, whether they agree to it or not, but they can’t show it. So for this reason, I prefer not to put it (my blog) out there, rather have it discovered accidentally or looked for by choice.

    However, if you ever make a list of the “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND” blogs, I will proudly put my self on number 1.

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