Life is a Beautiful Struggle.

Don’t take shit from no one.

Never give up, never stop fighting, no matter who the opponent/enemy/challenge is.

God never gives you stuff you can’t handle so take your stand and FIGHT!

Life is a beautiful struggle…




~ by arthurscount on July 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Life is a Beautiful Struggle.”

  1. Life is beautiful and it certainly can be a struggle but I wonder if we need to fight it? I lay down my armour and sword a while ago and surrendered to something larger and wiser than myself (what/whoever put me here in the first place} and I discovered that life treated me with kindness and respect. Life ceased to be my enemy and instead became a friend I could count on.

    • Wow, Lisa that is indeed a beautiful life. Unfortunately sometimes life might not give you an option of surrendering, but if you fight wise and hard enough, you might just give yourself the Peace. I also do not look at it as fighting life rather than fighting for it. But I suppose you are right, may be if we all treat life with kindness, it will treat us the same. However, this can only happen if we ALL act the same way, but for as long as we still have bad intentions in our societies we might never get the fulfillment of a BEAUTIFUL life unless we take a stand and fight for it.
      Your approach towards life as shown in what you write is beautiful, and like I have always said; it’s because of people like you that we are reminded of the goodness in humanity, so thank you and thanks for the comment.

      • I think there is a distinction (which you highlighted here] between fighting life and fighting for life.The former implies that everyone and everything is the enemy; I feel sad for those living this way. But the latter, fighting for life, has a more empowering quality to it. Looking through history it’s the men and women who have fought for life who have changed our world. Perhaps that path ultimately leads to peace. And I suspect peace is what we’re all longing for. Deep down.

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