Poem – I am the Ruler of My World.

I have travelled all over the world in my mind, just to end up here,

Right here at my word press account,

Here where I write the rules and regulations that govern the world that I live in,

Here where I am not afraid to say whether I am angry, or happy, or depressed, or in love, or confused, or fed up, or scared,

Here where I determine what you think of me,

Here where you find out what I think of you,

I have not been here in a very long time and I missed it, I have been lost in different worlds, worlds that I had nothing in their creation, it was a mistake,

It’s a good thing I found myself back here, now I can rule again, I can laugh and cry and not fake any of it,

I shouldn’t have left, and now I know I will never leave,

And now that I am here again, I can sigh with great relief,

It will take time but I will find the grip once again,

I will Rule.



~ by arthurscount on March 9, 2011.

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