This one is for Lisa Reece and the other cool people

Hello my beautiful and cool people, it has been 17months and 28days since my last post or at least here on wordpress (there’s no point to this, I just thought it might be a cool way of starting an article).

I could say I wasn’t writing because I was too busy with other things.I could also say I wasn’t writing here because I was writing somewhere else, so I saw no need of blogging on 2 separate sites especially if I own one of the them 🙂 (I am not bragging, or am I?).

Anyway, I also think that I stopped writing on wordpress because I had out-ranted myself (please note that I used ‘out-ranted’ instead of “not creative anymore’, DO NOT THINK IT!!), you see most of my blogs were about me expressing my dislike for white people and gay people. Whereas my views and feelings have not changed much especially towards the latter, what has changed though is my perception and attitude towards life.

Much as the same nonsense that got me to where I was then is still going on in the world, I choose to focus on the good stuff, kind of like those common inspirational phrases that people keep throwing around to make others feel better or at least pretend to feel better.

Racism is still very much alive, we see it everyday in our communities, in the news, on the internet, EVERYWHERE. However instead of me condemning and cursing white people for it and justifying it when black do it (and believe me I can, I have and I have succeeded), I choose to ignore them and think of the cooler white people I have had a chance to meet or engage with; call it fate! But I guess that’s what life is all about, a variety; on one hand you have the Greek Paraskevi Papachristou referring to Africans as breeders, feeders and keepers of mosquitoes and on the other hand you have Lisa Reece-lane (The one of the Milk Fever fame  and whose last post was dedicated to me. I am not bragging 🙂 ), a warm loving lady that chose to be my friend despite my continuous arrogance and inconsideration of other people’s feelings through my writing. On one hand you have Mish Mash: a bar in Uganda that continuously exercises disrespect and unfair treatment towards black customers in their own land and on the other hand you have Simona Schiava who also owns a bar called Gatto Matto in Uganda but who in stead of showing her own kind more love and recognition she chooses to treat everybody equal. So it taught me not to keep hating the bad ones but love and celebrate the good ones.

Unfortunately I still don’t have any good/kind words for gay people and sadly I don’t even wish I did. What I’ll do though is to keep my grief to myself, reserve my comments when I can help and try to ignore them when it can’t kill me inside

Wow, this was supposed to be an intro to the main article but since it has ended up being this long, I’ll just let it be the main.

I have come to respect people a little bit more, love more meaningfully, live more cautiously. Some might say I have become weak, others might say I have grown but I say I have become stronger and wiser.

So this particular post is my way of saying ‘Thank You’ to Life and to the people I have met therein.

Thank you Lulu Jemimah for continously introducing me to your white friends in a bid to show me that they are not that bad or to simply mock me sometimes, either way you have made me grow. Thank you for being real. Thank you for being funny.

Thank you Lisa Reece-lane for being who you are, to show me that people regardless of skin color or ethnicity can be warm and loving.

Thank you Simona Schiava for being so cool and so friendly with a beautiful and just heart.

And finally thank you Yvonne Luwuge (the wife) and Zoe Luwuge (the daughter) for putting a heart and soul in this body of mine, even though you will never see the content of this blog, I can still say I love you both to bits 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you




~ by arthurscount on August 7, 2012.

One Response to “This one is for Lisa Reece and the other cool people”

  1. Dearest Arthorious, I’ve been wondering when your blog would receive your latest offering- and here it is!
    Wow, what can I say, except thank you for your very kind words. I’m really touched. It makes me happy that you’re opening your very lovely heart up to more people. Black, white. Doesn’t matter. Our skin is like the wrapping paper on a present. Nice enough, but what’s inside is far more important.
    You’ve given thanks to certain people, but I bet its your precious daughter who softened your heart. Kids have a way of making us better people, if we’ll let them.
    One millions blessings to you and all those you love, my dear friend. I’m happy beyond words that you’re feeling so in love with life xxx Lisa

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