Otta the blue posts.

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I am disgusted by people who feel they are justified to be rude to others. What/who the fuck do you think you are?

Treat others with some degree of humane, then and only then, should you expect the same from life you fuckin morons!!!!

Outta the blue post.

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Life is a beautiful struggle.


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So I joined face book the other day. After a very long time of persuasion and undue duress from my peers, I joined. I still think its overrated and blown out of proportion, which is why I actually joined. Does this make sense to you, most probably not so I’ll explain.

You see most of these suckers (my peers) feel like they’ve won, that they managed me, that they made me join face book, that I swallowed my pride, but they are fuckin wrong.

The real reason I joined face book was to take advantage of it’s madness, how? I’ll tell you how: I am launching an online lifestyle magazine very soon, I plan to do a lot of events marketing and advertising on this website. One of the key things potential clients put into consideration before they give you a such deal is how popular your website is among their the target market.

Now with face bookers accessing my site through my page and it’s own page, this will give me the traffic I need, of course it’s not as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of tricks and tactics involved to drive curiosity and interest.

So, to all you wankers who thought had won, well guess fuckin again.

I am back, and I like it here!!!!!!


Someone please help…

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Sorry I have been away for quite sometime (for those that actually noticed).

For the past couple of months I have been telling it as I know it and given advise where I felt capable. But now I need someone to come to my rescue, my chest has become a tonne heavier, my head feels congested and my general being seems cornered. Don’t fret, I don’t have some kind of terminal disease, what I have is called employment.

This horrible, horrible thing is slowly taking the life out of me, its making me go crazy, and killing off my sweet youth days one after the other.

I have options of getting out of it any second I wish, I have brilliant plans and a firm foundation to prosper in life I even have potential and resources to be wealthy but the decision to go 100% private is still not as easy as it looks/sounds.

You see, I have an immense desire to do things with the utmost brilliance and perfection, but when I look at the trail I have left behind during my time as an employee, I don’t see much that will have people talking/writing about after I am gone. This bothers me and gives me sleepless nights. Much as I hate working for someone and giving them 9 hours of my precious time everyday and probably 10 hours of my brain power everyday, I still don’t feel like I have done enough to be proud of in the employment world. Don’t get me wrong, I have done some really good stuff, but not so great.

Now I feel like I can’t take it anymore, it looks like I am closer to resigning, because my whole set up does not have space for bosses anymore. My passion to work towards some company’s objective and see it prosper has been replaced by my own desire to start building an empire of my own.

How can I handle this?



La mia arte della guerra

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You know those situations in your life where you just sit back and think to yourself, “This is so messed-up” Or if you are like me, your thoughts would go like this, “This is so fucked up”.

We all get the “This is so fucked up” moments once in a while in our lives, no matter how careful or calculative we carry ourselves.

Some of them you can look back at and have a giggle while others might make you regret every time the thought of what led to them pops up in your head.

And you know, the really fucked up moments can really mess you up mentally, and once your mental status is fucked with then your whole system is basically fucked up.

But how can we avoid these moments? How do we tell when we are about to get into such quagmires? Are there any signs?

If you think carefully about each “This is so fucked up” moment that up to now makes you regret what you did or did not do then, you will realize that before you got there, you most probably made decisions based on personal values, emotions and sometimes intuition as opposed to factual and logical analysis.

In most cases, decisions made based on emotions and personal values are very gratifying in the heat of the moment and sometimes this satisfaction stretches to a short term but it’s the long term effects that will come back and fuck with you.

However, much as it’d make a lot of sense for us to always give enough objective thought to whatever we do before we do it, sometimes its just impossible to have that kind of patience and strength and usually emotions just get the best of you and in the end your ability to make sensible moves is just as good as your heart beat.

Also, sometimes times your ability to be patient and not making rush decisions in such situations does not automatically guarantee you logical out-comes, some people tend to keep shit within and park it away only to burst out in total madness eventually.

True strength lays in your ability not to forget (lose the ball), your courage/intention to confront and the wisdom/intelligence/skill to tackle issues rationally and objectively. This does not require Genius but Character, you must be able to lean towards facts and not emotions, you must be able to think more strategic than operational, you must have the patience to study a situation and look out for your strength and weaknesses, work out a roll out plan, play out it in your head, determine possible outcomes, plan for them individually, then ACT .

This might look like a damn long procedure and it can be too, though the magnitude of the situation will determine the length of the steps to be taken. If you attach this to your character, you will become a master in problem solving and you will greatly reduce your chances of encountering¬†“This is so fucked up” moments.

If something happens and your heart starts racing, your body temperature rises, you feel an adrenaline rush, STOP right there, don’t slap her, don’t shout at him, don’t burst out of the room and slam the door, this only reveals your weak points, calm down, pull over to the side of the road, analyze the situation, look out for possible exit points, evaluate your opponent possible moves, look out for their weaknesses/strengths, see how you can capitalize on the former and counter the latter, now ACT.

Timing is everything, a brilliant plan will flop if executed at the wrong moment, you must know when to bow down and when to raise your voice, when to fear and when to instill fear. How well you know your enemy or understand your situation will give you great potential in effective timing.

Do not under-estimate her, because you don’t know what he is thinking, you only have an idea of how it may react, so plan properly, don’t plan for anything, this only means that you have planned for nothing, always plan for something not ANYTHING.

Most importantly, you need God, confidence and luck in whatever you do.

If you succeed by some substantial percentage with the above, you will have your enemies/opposers/competitors/challengers/bitter wife/stubborn husband/damn boss, sit back and think to them selves, “This is so fucked up” ūüôā



Life is a Beautiful Struggle.

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Don’t take shit from no one.

Never give up, never stop fighting, no matter who the opponent/enemy/challenge is.

God never gives you stuff you can’t handle so take your stand and FIGHT!

Life is a beautiful struggle…



Ces√°ria √Čvora

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Have you ever been blown away by a song done in a language that you can neither speak or understand? That is what I call true talent.

Ces√°ria √Čvora ‚Äď Cize to her friends ‚Äď was born on the 27th August 1941 in¬†Mindelo,¬†Cape Verde. Her bright voice and physical charms were soon noticed, but her hope of a singing career remained unsatisfied. A Cape Verdean women‚Äôs group and the singer¬†Bana both took her to¬†Lisbon to cut a few tracks, but the recordings failed to catch the ear of a producer. In 1988, a young Frenchman of Cape Verdean extraction invited her to¬†Paris to make a record. At 47, she had nothing to lose. Having never seen¬†Paris, she agreed.

1988: Her first album is released:¬†La Diva Aux Pieds Nus (The Barefoot Diva) produced by Lusafrica. The zouk-flavoured coladera¬†‚ÄúBia Lulucha‚ÄĚ is a hit with the Cape Verdean community. She gives a first concert in¬†Paris to a small crowd at the New Morning on the 1st October.

1990: Distino di Belita, her second album, includes acoustic mornas and electric coladeras. Its release is very low-key and her label decides to try a different tack, recording a purely acoustic record.

1991: √Čvora is in¬†France to record her first acoustic album. Accompanied by the Mindel Band, she performs at the Angoul√™me Festival on the 2nd June and at the Paris¬†New Morning on the 7th. While theParis concert only draws a small number of Cape Verdean fans, the concert in¬†Angoul√™me attracts interest from the specialised press (a first article in the¬†Lib√©ration daily newspaper). Her¬†Mar Azul album is released at the end of October, word spreads and FM radio¬†FIP play-lists the record. A new concert is organised for the 14th December at the¬†New Morning. Her performance stuns the now mainly European audience in the packed theatre. V√©ronique Mortaigne writes in the¬†Le Mondedaily: ‚ÄúCes√°ria √Čvora, a lively fifty-year-old, sings morna with mischievous devotion… (she) belongs to the world nobility of bar singers‚ÄĚ. The legend has begun to take shape.

1992: With¬†Mar Azul, media excitement grows and radio stations such as¬†France Inter play-list the track. √Čvora performs at the¬†N√ģmes Feria on the 7th June and¬†Miss Perfumado is released inFrance in October. The press compares √Čvora to¬†Billie Holliday. Critics enthuse over the sweetness of her voice and provide many details that fuel her legend: √Čvora‚Äôs extravagant taste for cognac and tobacco, her hard life on¬†Cape Verde‚Äôs forgotten islands, the warm nights of Mindelo… Concerts at the¬†Th√©√Ętre de la Ville in¬†Paris on the 11 and 12 December are sold out a month in advance. Her first¬†Brussels concert is at the¬†Botanique (7 December).

1993:¬†Miss Perfumado is a smash hit in France (more than 300,000 copies sold to date). √Čvora performs for the first time in Lisbon at the Teatro S√£o Luis (25 May) and the police are forced to hold back a crowd of fans who cannot get into the hall. Two full houses at the¬†Paris Olympia on the 12 and 13 June complete her triumph in¬†France (the show is recorded and a¬†‚ÄúLive‚ÄĚ album released on Parisian label M√©lodie in 1996). She begins to tour the world:¬†Barcelona (21 June), in¬†Montreal in the¬†Spectrum (14 July),¬†Japan (end of October) and¬†France (30 concerts at the end of 1993).

1994: Concerts in¬†S√£o Paulo (May).¬†Caetano Veloso performs on stage with √Čvora and announces that she has a place among the great female singers who have inspired him.¬†Spain,Portugal,¬†Belgium,¬†Switzerland,¬†Africa, the¬†West Indies… √Čvora is a stage phenomenon. Her Lusafrica label sign her to¬†BMG and the record company releases a compilation entitled¬†‚ÄúSodade, les plus belles Mornas de Cesaria‚ÄĚ (Sodade, Cesaria‚Äôs finest mornas) in the autumn. √Čvora gives up drinking, but not smoking.

1995: The album¬†Ces√°ria (gold in France) is released in twenty countries including the¬†USA (200,000 copies sold to date). The album is nominated for the¬†Grammy Awards. √Čvora appears for 10 days at the¬†Bataclan in¬†Paris and goes on her first tour of¬†North America.¬†Madonna,¬†David Byrne,¬†Branford Marsalis and¬†New York society flock to see her at the¬†Bottom Line.¬†Goran Bregovic asks her to record the song¬†‚ÄúAusencia‚ÄĚ for the original soundtrack of¬†Emir Kusturica‚Äôs film ‚ÄúUnderground‚ÄĚ.

1996: A year of tours:¬†France (40 concerts),¬†Switzerland,¬†Belgium,¬†Brazil,¬†Germany (11 concerts),¬†Hong Kong,¬†Italy,¬†Sweden, the¬†USA and¬†Canada (30 concerts),¬†Senegal, the¬†Ivory Coast and her first (sell-out) concert in¬†London at the¬†Queen Elizabeth Hall. She sings a duet with¬†Caetano Veloso on the album¬†‚ÄúRed Hot + Rio‚ÄĚ. The¬†Arte TV channel devotes a documentary to her. Paulino Vieira (who co-produced the two albums¬†‚ÄúMiss Perfumado‚ÄĚ and¬†‚ÄúCes√°ria‚ÄĚ ) leaves the group and is replaced by the young, talented guitarist Rufino Almeida, known as Bau.

1997: Release of the album Cabo Verde. Concerts programmed at the Olympia in March and a world tour including her third tour of the USA. The album “Cabo Verde“ is also nominated for theGrammy Awards. She won KORA All African Music Awards in three categories: Best Artist of West Africa, Best Album and Merit of the Jury.[2]

1998: √Čvora is on the road again accompanied by Jacinto Pereira (cavaquinho), Jos√© Paris (bass), Luis Ramos (guitars), Nando Andrade (piano), Totinho (saxophones and percussion) and Bau (guitars, cavaquinho, violin, band leader). From¬†Greece to¬†Japan,¬†Israel to¬†Portugal and the¬†West Indies to¬†Lebanon, √Čvora travels the world in 1998, but still finds time to record material for an album whose release is planned for April 1999. Before then, at the end of October, BMG releases the first ‚ÄúBest of Ces√°ria √Čvora‚ÄĚ, which includes all her fans‚Äô favourite songs, as well as¬†‚ÄúBesame Mucho‚ÄĚ (sung in Spanish), recorded the previous year for the original soundtrack of the film ‚ÄúGreat Expectations‚ÄĚ. In France, this ‚ÄúBest of‚ÄĚ is certified gold three months later in January.

1999: The year 1999 begins with a¬†Grammy nomination for the album¬†Miss Perfumado (released in France in 1992, it only came out in the¬†USA in 1998). The new album, entitled¬†Caf√© Atlantico, is released in France (300,000 copies to date), then worldwide in May. In March, √Čvora begins a world tour in Greece and again performs in¬†North America in September and October. On stage, the band is enlarged to reflect the festive feel of the new repertoire: 12 musicians (including a violin section) are now led by pianist Nando Andrade. The tour ends in¬†S√£o Salvador,Brazil, just after a series of four concerts given at the¬†Paris Olympia from the 7th to the 10th December. There, √Čvora receives several gold records presented by different BMG subsidiaries.

2000:¬†Caf√© Atlantico is nominated for the¬†Grammy Awards and √Čvora wins a French¬†Victoires de la Musique award in the ‚ÄúBest World Album‚ÄĚ category, just before taking to the road again in April for her first major¬†Latin American tour of¬†Cuba,¬†Mexico,¬†Brazil,¬†Argentina and¬†Chile. After¬†Scandinavia in May, she sets out on another tour (of festivals) in the¬†USA and¬†Europe.

2001:¬†S√£o Vicente di Longe, Ces√°ria √Čvora‚Äôs 8th studio album is recorded in Paris,¬†La Havana and¬†Rio de Janeiro. Nearly sixty musicians, arrangers and sound engineers work on the project in an environment that bears absolutely no resemblance to the conditions the singer recorded in at the start of her studio career. The album is as strikingly successful as¬†‚ÄúCaf√© Atlantico‚ÄĚ. It is also nominated for the¬†Grammy Awards in the¬†USA and the¬†Victoires de la Musique in¬†France. √Čvora is still on the road: 120 concerts in 2001 alone, including the Paris¬†Z√©nith with around twenty Cape Verdean artists.

2002: A new major tour is planned that will take √Čvora to the five continents, with ‚Äď for the first time ‚Äď a series of concerts in¬†Eastern Europe (Russia,¬†Ukraine,¬†Croatia,¬†Macedonia, Hungary), as well as¬†Singapore,¬†Tahiti and¬†Noum√©a. On the 20th June, BMG publishes an¬†‚ÄúAnthology‚ÄĚ, compiling live audience favourites and a new version of¬†‚ÄúSodade‚ÄĚ sung in a duet with¬†Bonga, the greatest vocal artist in Angolan music and one of Cesaria‚Äôs oldest friends.

2003: begins with 3 concerts in Hong-Kong (1, 2 and 3 March). This new world tour includes Spain,¬†Romania,¬†Mexico, among other countries, together with a huge North American tour, including 40 cities east to West. On June 17, BMG releases¬†‚ÄúClub Sodade‚ÄĚ, a project bringing together 10 of the Diva‚Äôs best songs, revisited by some of the most creative DJ‚Äôs of the house scene:¬†Carl Craig,¬†Kerri Chandler,¬†Pepe Bradock,¬†Se√Īor Coconut,¬†Francois K., and many others‚Ķ This release is a prelude to √Čvora‚Äôs new studio album, entitled¬†‚ÄúVoz d‚ÄôAmor‚ÄĚ, published by BMG internationally in September 2003, and highly acclaimed by the press worldwide.

2004:¬†Voz d’Amor is awarded in the beginning of 2004, in the ¬ę¬†Best World Music Album¬†¬Ľ category, by both a Grammy Awards (in the US) and a¬†Victoires de la Musique (in France). The year 2004 is a very European year for √Čvora: she gives 82 concerts in 24 different European countries. Amongst them 5 sold out shows in Paris’¬†Le Grand Rex. This series of concert is filmed for a DVD, that is released on the following October.

2005: √Čvora begins the year 2005 with a tour which brings her from the¬†Baltic States to¬†South Africa. Due to a surgical operation she has to interrupt the tour in May, just before several shows planned in the¬†United States and¬†Canada. Fortunately, this interruption is quite short. In September, √Čvora returns to the studios to record her new album, and goes back on a tour from¬†Siberia(4 shows in October) to¬†Brazil.

2006:¬†Rogamar, √Čvora‚Äôs tenth album is released on March 6. Fifteen tracks, including a duet with¬†Isma√ęl L√ī on ‚ÄúAfrica Nossa‚ÄĚ, make this album sound like a link between¬†Africa,¬†Europe andBrazil. √Čvora begins a new tour in¬†North America (Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada) before playing in¬†Paris at¬†Le Grand Rex and at some of major European festivals.

2007: √Čvora begins her 2007 tour in¬†Hungary with a show in¬†Debrecen and two others in¬†Budapest on April 6, 7 and 8th before performing in¬†Russia in¬†Saint Petersburg,¬†Moscow andYekaterinburg in front of a won over audience. Her success in the former eastern block does not decrease but unfortunately that series of concerts is put to an end and her tour in the US scheduled for June and July cancelled. The doctors have diagnosed a coronary problem and decide to have √Čvora operated. She only hits the road again at the end of the year with a series of shows in Russia.

2008: The new tour starts in¬†Australia. But suffering from a stroke after her¬†Melbourne concert, √Čvora is admitted at the hospital and is repatriated to Paris for further examination. The tour is cancelled and √Čvora is obligated to rest for several months. Lusafrica takes advantage of that quiet period to release the recordings √Čvora had done for various local radio stations of¬†Mindelowhen she was in her twenties back in the early 1960s. Released in November, the ‚ÄúRadio Mindelo‚ÄĚ album comes with a richly illustrated book with pictures and documents of the time. These 22 tracks, mostly exclusive, delight the fans, helping them wait for a new studio album.

2009: √Čvora is doing much better and gets back onstage but she needs to take it easy so her public appearances become less frequent than in the past. Her new album¬†Nha Sentimento is scheduled for October 26. Recorded between February and May 2009 in Mindelo and Paris, it includes 14 tracks mainly written by her two fetish authors¬†Manuel de Novas and¬†Teofilo Chantre.

2010: In 2010, Cesaria Evora did amazing series of concerts. Last of which was in Lisbon – on May 8th. On May 10, after heart attack, Cesaria was operated at a hospital in Paris – an open heart operation. In May 11 in the morning she was separated from the artificial pulmonary ventilation, and on May 16, Cesaria was discharged from the Intensive Unit and translated in the clinic for further treatment.

(This information was got from Wikipedia, and edited by arthurscount, a round of applause to the wiki team).

For those who know me personally and might be interested in listening to her music, I’ll be glad to give it to you at no cost. If you don’t know me but you want her music, please be kind and buy a few CDs or LPs, or if you are a cheap bastard you can download it for free at:¬†

Let’s all pray for her good health.