Let’s learn and teach:

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I have heard some stories about people who have come to Africa and have made discoveries which have made them rich, wealthy and great, things which would seem of little to no value to us at times. In a space of 3 days I have heard 2 stories; one of some European guy who found high value dwarf trees in the mountains of Somalia, he flies in, pays a security agency some cash, they drive him to the mountains and offer him protection while he looks for and gathers the little trees which cost thousands of dollars each, when he has enough, they escort him back to the airport and he flies out loaded with solid wealth. Then I heard the story of Dr. John Williamson the diamond seeker of Tanganyika, the Canadian geologist who discovered what turned out to be the largest diamond pipe on the continent. Williamson was to become a critical financer of Great Britain by exporting his diamond to the colonial master to sale on the open market. It is said that De Beers (who used to be the world’s controller of diamond trade) grew uncomfortable with Williamson’s growing share of the world market and eventually planned to take ownership of the establishment which they now own 75% of. The 25% is owned by the Tanzanian government. They (govt) initially owned 50% but they failed to manage the operation and ended up selling more share to De Beer. Another interesting fact is William was with 2 natives, Issa and James I think they were called, when they discovered the Mwadui diamond as named by Williamson after a local chief. These 2 locals were later awarded with huge pensions and were set up to stay next to their boss, what an honor! Otherwise all the diamond was shipped off to England and it is said at the time this trade contributed 60% to the country’s revenue. Whereas Tanzania received nothing except for a planned township with schools and hospitals. I had another interesting story that in the village where this diamond was discovered, locals were using the rough stones as pieces of a board game 😊

There are plenty of similar stories where outsiders have found either by stumbling upon or through purposely looking, treasures that had missed our eyes.

Now whereas it is not too late to take back what belongs to us, it would certainly be better if we didn’t find out about what we have after being played for fools. We need to make deliberate efforts to learn more about our lands; the science, the geography, the economics, the politics and the spirituality of it. We shouldn’t be educated on our own lands by outsiders, because when you give someone the power to influence your perception they might take advantage of you and make you act to the benefit of only their interests. Let us discover our lands, let us study our surroundings and know of the wonder that lays beneath. So much is being shipped off the continent; cocoa, coffee, timber, ground minerals, food, animal products and of course oil, and soon it’s going to be fresh water. Literally everything that keeps the world moving for humans is/ will be found here in Africa and yet we just never discover it ourselves.

It’s time for this to change, let’s pick an interest in our surroundings, let’s find ways to stimulate a cultural change, from the one that glorifies a strict, inadequate, insensitive and limited education and employment system to one that celebrates, cherishes and rewards imagination, discoveries, innovations and creativity. Let’s take a driving seat in the progression of our communities, countries and continent in general.

Now to achieve this we are going to have to get out of our comfort zone. We need to stop relying on what has been laid out for us by the colonialists and take matters into our own hands. Let’s stop consuming the garbage pumped into our social media timelines and replace it with locally researched information on things that matter and relevant to our communities. Let’s write and store information on our countries, let’s read and preserve what has already been written. Let’s understand it and the teach it to our children. And also teach them how to teach their children. Let’s empower ourselves to find our own diamonds, explore our own oil and find cures to our diseases through constant gathering and sharing of knowledge.

I urge you to encourage your children to pick up an interest in fields like geology, forestry, zoology, minerology, archaeology and fields which will expand our knowledge of our lands and the wealth that God blessed us with.

If Africa is to make it to the world stage, as it should, we have to take control of our resources otherwise as long as we still buy them back as handsomely as we do from those who discovered them before us, we are destined to stay the peasants of the modern world. But we can’t take control of that whose existence we don’t know of.

The new African leader needs to focus on transforming the mindset of his or her people. We need to occupy our intellectual space and be the authors of how our children view and understand their lands and culture. This calls for an immediate re-construction of the education system – bit by bit but with a near foreseeable impact.

I strongly believe that the current blueprint was designed to keep Africa behind everybody else so that we don’t discover what we have and therefore have no control over it.

If we are to regain our sovereignty it is almost inevitable that we re-discover our DNA as a continent through seeking knowledge of all aspects of our lives and teach whatever we find out to our little ones.





Secrecy – the power that stands between Africa and her sovereignity

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I say what we lack in Africa is the ability to do things in secret. We are always too keen to share with the world what we are up to or what we have achieved, I guess in an effort to gain recognition and respect. What we don’t realize is that by doing so, we are arming our adversaries with enough information for them to plot against us and even put them several moves ahead of us in this game of power and control over earthly resources.

My favorite musician of all times – Jay Z,  said it in the simplest of ways in his song Moonlight – we are always telling on our selves, sometimes knowingly through bragging or unknowingly through sheer ignorance of the harm it could bring – we simply do not appreciate the importance of keeping aspects of our lives to ourselves, private and concealed, limited to a need-to-know basis.

Dr. Umar Johnson says in one of his interviews he believes it has something to do with our inferiority complex towards other races which was/is largely caused by; first slave trade, followed by brain washing and then complete dominance and take over of our lives by the western world that left us without an identity of our own to uphold and be proud of, instead we adopt others.

If one needs to seek validation from another as to what is right or wrong, it puts ones in a social, political and economical prison, I call it ‘soft’ slavery. But don’t be fooled by the word ‘soft’, this is by far a worse kind of slavery – worse than the one where our people were captured, beaten, humiliated, stacked in merchants ships and sailed over to distant lands to do forced labor while being stripped of almost all rights to life – this modern day slavery is worse than that traditional slavery because because at least the latter was deliberate and exposed to us who our tormentor was. The word soft in this case is used to describe something intangible/unseen/inconspicuous. Other words you can think of in this case are; lurking, undetected, dark, impenetrable, imperceptible and obscure. These are the words which should come to mind if one is to understand this cancer of modern slavery. It is almost a thing to admire this piece of architecture designed to give other races dominion over Africa and her people.

Bits and pieces of these plans have sipped through to the public domain but they call them conspiracy theories and only a small portion of Africans have picked any interest in them, otherwise we have generally not managed to crack the code, even those who are direct beneficiaries of the system (the whites and Asians) don’t know how it works.

Through strict secrecy, small groups of people have come up with ideas that have had an almost permanent impact on the human world, such ideas include; money or the use of it, religion, banks, media, countries and political borders and education. These are ideas designed by man, managed by man and controlled by man. Ideas by which we live and die. It’s almost as if all other aspects of our humanity revolve around and are governed by these ideas, what we eat, how we reproduce, what we know, how we love/hate and how we relate are all influenced by these man-made ‘guidelines’.

Africa happens to be on the giving end of this picture, this is how the system has been designed. Being the givers in this case doesn’t mean we are stronger or more privileged than those to whom we give just like a chicken which gives her owner eggs on which he sustains his life doesn’t make it stronger or more privileged than him, neither does it mean that the farmer has the chicken’s interest as his priority. If the farmer finds better ways to get the eggs all resources he was giving to the chicken for these eggs could be diverted and channeled towards the better source, Africa must always remember this. Just like if the chicken died, the farmer will simply look for other ways to survive, Africa must remember this too.

I like the concept of the farm because it really paints the picture of the world. A typical farm will have the following key players;

  • The farm structure/infrastructure
  • The farm animals
  • The farmer
  • The farmer’s dog
  • The produce
  • The supplies (food, water, medicine)
  • The consumers of the produce
  • Pests and rodents
  • Externally, the farm will also have key players like the other farms/farmers and the governing bodies

In respect to Africa, the above roles are occupied as follows;

  • The farm structure/infrastructure – politics and governments
  • The farm animals – Africans, African minerals
  • The farmer –  small groups of people from the West
  • The farmer’s dog – African political leaders and Western companies operating in Africa
  • The produce – Africans and African minerals
  • The supplies (food, water, medicine) – money, education, religion, recognition, food, security
  • The consumers of the produce – Western countries
  • Pests and rodents – Pan Africanists often called terrorists and dictators – who refuse to buy what already belongs to them
  • External players – other countries and governments

Ask yourself this, who is ultimate beneficiary of the farm? The farm animals think it’s them because they receive food and water in return for their produce and obedience. Who has the ultimate power? The farm animals think it’s them because they provide the produce. The farmer’s dog too probably thinks of itself as having power over the farm animals forgetting that it too is an animal and only exists to the service of the farmer. How you choose to look at yourself and whose interests you serve is up to you.

White man has done what he needs to do to ensure his race’s survival through dominion – over oil, over trade, over money, over ideals and over land. They have done it in secret. They have bought Africa, stripped her apart, traded her among each other and are now managing her only to exploit her.  We as Africans don’t know or see it happen because white man has mastered the concept of secrecy.

We have fighters committed to give Africa back her sovereignty. But how do you fight against a system while operating in the same system. How do you plan on winning and over powering one who designed the system?

Africa must become secretive. We must hold private meetings to conspire against our exploiters. We can’t continue to communicate using their languages or over their mediums. We are arming them with enough information to plot against us with the latter and confining ourselves within their system with the former.

We don’t need their money or religions or education or security (I find this particularly ridiculous; they protect us against us?), we don’t need their food which by the way they get from here, alter them (a process that makes it make us sick and weak) and sell it back to us or worse donate it to us (donating is worse because it’s humiliating), we don’t need their government systems, we don’t need to trade with them, we don’t need to travel to their countries, we don’t need them!

But let’s discuss this in private!

This agenda needs to be driven by the younger Africans as opposed to the current leaders as the latter still have some kind of allegiance to the white man especially because of the facts surrounding how they got into their positions of power – most of them had to accept assistance from some Western powers and as a result they will not ably go against them. But the younger African doesn’t have such ties or needs not be loyal to the white man except for strategic reasons. Another reason the current leaders won’t be the ones delivering Africa back to Africans is because they came from a time where white man was the master since most of them were part of the pre-independence era of Africa, even though these same people were possibly part of the fight for the said independence, they would still have come from and learnt much of what they know from the system built by white man, their political ideals, their style of governance all the way down to how they view themselves and their role to their people, all this was either picked or influenced by white man’s involvement in our countries at the time.

The new breed of African knows nothing of this. Our ideals have been shaped by our  own/current situations and we have grown up in an Africa were power belongs to us at least on the face of it, we don’t see our countries as gifts handed to us by white man, we don’t view white man as our master or teacher or superior. Much as we respect and even admire what white man has been able to achieve as a race, we don’t view them as gods whose ideals are absolute. We are able to see where our sovereignty has been undermined, we are able to see where our resources are being exploited without proper compensation, we are even able to reason with white man as our equal and even some times are able to prove we know more than they do especially on African issues. More and more Africans have stepped up to the world stage and have reached heights never before reached  and this has been fairly/correctly documented (which was not the case in the past) and has given us a sense or pride, potential and ability. We are not in the same space our leaders were our age, but we are not yet where it’s ideal or acceptable as far as being self empowered goes.

We stand against very strong institutions, institutions that have been in existence for years on end. I have already mentioned them here but I am happy to highlight them again;

  • The education system
  • The media
  • The religious institutions
  • The banking system
  • The UN and Monetary fund
  • The oil sector and the international trade structure

These are institutions which shape the world order and determine where Africa lies in the food chain. For Africa to realize change and re-gain her sovereignty, the rule books governing these institutions must be re-written. The intention is not to collapse them, white man can keep his ideals and besides these systems are an indication of man’s intellectual evolution and the underlying concepts are actually essential to our survival as a people, as a community and as a specie. The intention is to change what they mean for Africa.

Africa must unite and what I mean by this is not to turn the continent into one country, which speaks one language and uses the same currency, this is not practical and it’s probably even silly. But we need to unite in ideals. We need to unite in trade and transfer of resources. We need to unite in pride and patriotism towards our own race.

We need to plan, strategize and conspire. But because this might not be in the interest of the rest of the world and might therefore face resistance and a quick death, we must do it in secret, just like they did before they came to own us.

Let’s continue to read and gather knowledge. Let’s have an independent mentality. We can’t continue to sing and celebrate independence when we still depend of white man for technology, education, religion, we trade using his currency, we employ our best brains in his enterprises, we pay premium for his good and give peanuts to our own, we borrow his money and accept his bribes, we quickly turn against each other for his gain, we even speak his language. This is not having an independent mentality.

We need to keep healthy and strong. This means eating home grown foods and not packed imported poisons. This means exercising our bodies and our minds. This means meditating and nurturing our spirituality, not as it’s taught and preached to us by white man but as we know it to feel right to our souls.

We need to teach our children about their lands but before we do that we need to teach OURselves about our lands and know it from our own discoveries and not the way it is taught in history books.

Let’s meet in secret. Let’s conspire. Let’s speak in languages only us can understand. Let’s be bold and take Africa back.




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Start to care

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When shall we start to care? When shall we start to care about the brutal murder of our African Rhinos and Elephants for their horns and tusks, which are bought for peanuts and sold to heartless Asians who in return fetch 1,000’s of blood dollars for them? When shall we start to care? When shall we start to care about foreign companies setting up factories in our originally green spaces, killing our natural beauty, killing our environment and farming lands with waste and fumes, killing local innovations and creativity by imposing on us their technology, equipment and expertise, dumping sub-standard products into our markets some of which are harmful to the health of our kids and then take back all the proceeds to their countries and leaving our economies drained and struggling. When shall we start to care? When shall we start to care about all the deals our leader strike with other countries and multinational organizations? The money they borrow which we will have to pay back with our sweat and blood, and that of our kids and their kids and their kids. When shall we open our eyes to this intellectual slavery? When shall we start to question why our local currencies keep losing value against the dollar despite the fact that they say Africa is the future? If these countries and organizations are indeed pouring in and investing loads of cash into Africa, shouldn’t this then strengthen our currencies? And how come unemployment is on the rise? Who do these businesses employ if not us? When shall we start to care? When shall we start to care about the info we are fed on social media? When shall we realize that our timelines and walls are filled with content that we absolutely have no control over? When shall we start to be wary of what our kids are taught of the world on social media? When shall we start to question the relevance and impact of what trends and what doesn’t? When shall we start to double check the network we build and who they tell us is important enough to follow or like? When shall we acknowledge the shift in the source of wisdom and knowledge? When shall we see that we speak to our elders less and less but read and live by what foreigners tell us is acceptable more and more? What are we doing to open the eyes of and prepare our kids for this madness? When shall we start to care? When shall we start to care about the fact we are losing our identity as Africans? That we are losing our food – why do we pay more for imported foodstuffs than locally grown food which is healthier, cleaner, and tastier while exporting our best harvests for peanuts? When shall we realize that if we buy food from our local markets this money stays in our economies but if we buy imported foods the final beneficiary is a wealthy Asian or European or American family that doesn’t care about our starving communities? When shall we realize that we are losing our music, our fashion and lifestyle? Why do we spends 1000’s of dollars on air tickets and hotels to go visit Asia, Europe and America while flying over African countries that could use this money? When shall it occur to us that we don’t know much about our own countries but pride ourselves in our knowledge of Asia, Europe and America? When shall we start to care? When shall we start to care about the fact that the smart and energetic Africans are pushed into employment and not entrepreneurship and politics of their countries? When shall we start to use our big brains to help our people as opposed to making money for big multinationals most of which stem from neo-imperialism and are constantly pushing this agenda? When shall we realize that these companies take away our best years, when we are strongest and capable of causing change and building our communities and instead spill us out when we are old and less energetic with so called retirement benefits? When shall we take back our brains and our years? When shall we start to care? When shall we start to care that life does not end when we die? When shall we appreciate our ancestors and their efforts to preserve what we are enjoying today? When shall it occur to us that if our fore-fathers had signed the same “investment agreements” with Asians, Europeans and Americans we would have no land that we enjoy today? Do we think about the future of our kids when we sign these agreements today? Do we care that our children and their children will come into a world filled with factories, warehouses and shopping malls which they have pay for because we got loans and aid from Asia, Europe and America? Do we care that if our ancestors were as selfish and lacked vision and love for their nations we would not be enjoying the forests and lakes and all the natural beauty we have today? Do we care about this when we cut trees and clear wetlands to erect concrete blocks and privatize forest lands and wetlands? Do we really thing replacing nature with concrete is a country’s growth? When shall we start to care? When will you start to care? Use your voice to inspire! Break away from mental slavery! Be your own person and a person of your community instead of a being a person of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. When you die these accounts will close and we shall forget about them with time. But when you help to uplift your community and country, your impact and benefit to the world will live forever and your grandchildren will have a chance to survive and live a fulfilled life. #start2care



To serve beyond self!

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It’s honorable to serve beyond self. It takes a special kind of love for one to feel the obligation to truly serve beyond ones interests and direct benefit.

Many of us become really good human beings and perfect our craft to relate with other humans just so we can easily and/or massively make a profit and that’s the end of business! While others do the same exact thing but what drives them is not the EBIT, instead they focus on the value in what they provide to who receives it. These bigger-than-life individuals feel a deep desire and sense of responsibility to improve life – even though their idea of an improved life is at times could be a bizarre thought to others – still humans with this characteristic are admirable.

Especially those who put their own lives on the line just so others can live and flourish; its noble!

I appreciate these people more now than ever because it’s in times like these in my country that we need as many people with this ability as possible to be able to deliver the nation.

It’s in times like these we need the fearless and brave. Those who face wickedness with just and righteousness with no fear of becoming outcasts of the majority or even losing life.

It’s in times like these we need people who are ready to forego their own privileges, fortunes and personal glory just so they can be part of the force which forges a stronger, more unified and stable future!

It’s in times like these we need people who will stand for the truth even though it’s tough and embarrassing as long as it will effect change, good enough for the majority.

It’s in times like these we need those who possess power to remind themselves that the power they possess is for serving and sustaining others and not for bringing terror, hunger and death to those over which they have dominion, to know that to do this is to sin against the exact powers that accepted them as leaders. To know that life will not end with them and therefore their only purpose on earth is to sustain it and not destroy it.

To remind themselves that their intention was to serve beyond self.

It’s in times like these the rest of us have to speak up and where necessary act to bring positive change and be tough and keen on keeping it that way. Let us know that by putting our own fears and interests on the side in order to enforce that which is right we have served beyond our selves and we are noble and admirable!



Question what you know….

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You are not always right, it should be common sense and it is, but what it’s not is a reality to many (all really)!

Almost everyone I know has those things they so strongly believe are the absolute truth, and some are because in the end something must be right? Some of them through are not true but because in our reality these fall under the ‘ultimate truths’ category of your life, a central part of it is then a lie…

Question what you know therefore. Audit your principles and policies. Be aware and conscious of your behavior and beliefs. And may be you will uncover and cure the lie you could be living.

Be brave and fear but less I urge you, dare you almost; to look deep inside of you and question what you know.

Be just and reasonable with yourself I urge you, dare you almost; to be true to yourself even though you may not like what you see!

But know in the end you will have the truth you need to live right.

For now, you are not always right.



Shake, thy tree

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Every now and then one needs to shake their spiritual tree.

Just like the ordinary tree, your spiritual tree has roots and branches – and the branches have leaves and flowers and they bear fruit.

Just like the ordinary tree your spiritual tree needs a grounding, light and love to survive, grow and flourish.

Just like the botanic tree your spiritual tree’s roots could wander off and get nourished by poisons and infect the whole tree and as a consequence you will produce weak branches, sick leaves and bad fruits and could even die from it.

However just like the botanic tree, your spiritual tree’s roots never stop growing and learning and therefore they can always find the right places to root and get the right nutrients to grow strong and healthy and produce good fruit and fruit will produce strong seeds which will carry on the tree’s life line.

So just like the botanic tree, shake your tree! Let the weak branches break off! Let the sick leaves and bad fruit fall and wastes away. Let more light in.

This might be a painful experience but it’s only to give way for a more fulfilling and accomplished life.

Shake thy tree!



A blog Not about Denzo

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 “I have created my greatest work when I am angry or saddened by life – those are the times I have stepped into the booth and blown peoples’ minds” – Denzo.

Now you probably have never heard of Denzo.

Or, you probably think I have misspelt the name and actually meant to type “Denzel”… you would be wrong you damn know-it-all fuck…

I met Denzo a couple of days ago in his recording studio in a Kampala suburb/slam called Nateete that we visited as part of a TV production. I was personally there to take pictures for a different project of my own.

Denzo is a tall, slim, dark, bearded dancehall artist with a hoarse voice both in the booth and out of one that reminded me of Buju Banton, although I have never met the latter in person.

When he spoke (Denzo) you could hear the truth and feel the pain and sincerity in his voice.

And when he walked into the room you couldn’t help but notice his presence, partly because he smelt of weed.

When he stepped into the booth he was like a beast on steroids with so much to say to an extent that he at times struggled to fit all his words within the beat his trusted producer had cooked up.

Every so often the beat would end and he wouldn’t even notice, he would go on for about 25 seconds before he realizes he’s been singing to silence, at which point he would command; “reload dat tune!!”, telling the producer to replay the beat so he can start again and try to fit his message into the beat one more time.

Like many artists, he sang about love, women, and life as he saw it. But it’s when he sang about the music industry (where I suspect his pain lays) that you could really see and respect the musical beast in him.

Anyway so when we got to the studio, almost immediately, he led us to a dark room with a thick wooden table surrounded by old chairs with torn fabric.

He sat in the chair at the end of the table that looked like a throne and invited us to each grab a seat on rest of the chairs.

His crew, mostly dreadlocked guys sat around him, while my team and I positioned ourselves in strategic areas to be able to capture good images with our cameras.

Soon after we had all settled in, he asked one of his boys to pull out the stuff before we could start to which he (one of his boys) responded by pulling out what must have been a kilo of weed wrapped in an old newspaper from under the table.

This looked like some kind of ritual that I couldn’t wait to kick off.

After a few puff-puff-passes later, Denzo begun to tell his story.

One of the things he said that I at first didn’t pay much attention to or if I did I probably thought to myself “he’s just another artist saying the usual shit” is that quote I started with. But here it is again;

“I have created my greatest work when I am angry or saddened by life, those are the times I have stepped into the booth and blown peoples’ minds”

This is however not an article about Denzo.

As I sat at the back of my car

My heart very, almost beating out of my chest

Gazing at the evening commuters

Staring at their faces but hoping no one would see me

For they would see the pain in my eyes

A pain that I try very hard to hide from the world but fail almost every time

Wondering what poison to take

Not to forget the pain but to get distracted by the thought or process of killing a part of me

This is the place I usually wander into when I feel angered or saddened by life

“I have done it all” I thought to myself

“What’s left?” I questioned my conscience

If I have not done it before it’s because I will probably never do it

I was out of options it so appeared

So I left the back of my car and walked to my office

At this point I feel so powerless and vulnerable

And for some ridiculous reason, I ended up on wordpress.com

I have not opened it since March 21, 2013; over 2 years ago.

As I looked at the titles to my previous articles chronologically listed in my dashboard, I realized that I could not remember what any of the underlying stories was about.

I couldn’t remember what any of the shit I wrote was about.

I also noticed that I could not bring myself to open and read any of the articles. In fact the general feeling of what I would find if I opened one scared me.

Part of the reasons I never read my blogs and couldn’t open one even now is because I have never really thought of myself as a good write or a writer at all. So I always preferred to save myself from the embarrassment of reading my raw, below average shit.

I always only used my blog to take shit off my mind that I could never talk to anybody about but would want someone to hear it.

Which takes me to the real reason I could never read my blogs after publishing them and responding to a few comments that would in the next couple of day after posting, I realized that I only wrote when I was in pain.

My pain was usually sparked by different things but mostly it was sparked by my feeling of being misunderstood. And no, I am not gay; if anything I still hate those fuckers.

So whenever I was in pain, I would write. I could never go back to read that shit because it would probably bring back the pain or remind me of it. So my writing was never meant to bring me closure, it just allowed me to take the negative energy and keep it somewhere else.

With time I found other ways to distract myself from the pain or can I say, I found more effective poisons.

Whereas I don’t think that I always did my best work as far as writing is concerned because I was angered and saddened by life like Denzo, I also do not think I did to badly given the fact that I am not a writer.

As I read the comments left by my very few readers back then, most of which I don’t even know and have never met, I realized that in my amateur-ness, I actually wrote stuff that impacted one or two people, here and there.

And whereas I still can’t open and read any of my blogs, I have this unexplainable feeling of importance that someone actually read my shit and got moved by it, so much so that they were compelled to leave a comment.

Here are some of the comments that came in last.


And whereas still I am writing because I am in pain, this time it feels different and has made me realize that it doesn’t matter how good or bad you write, as long as you writing about some kind of truth, someone will relate to it.

So to all my miserable readers, while you keep reading hoping to find some deep, sentimental shit down the page, sorry, this is just me unpacking my pain and storing it on the World Wide Web.

Nothing fancy here, so get on with your life and stop being too clingy.

It’s not like any of you pays me for this shit.


Okay okay, just so I don’t leave you with nothing; here’s some white-people-shit for your ass;

When you are in some kind of emotional pain, it means you have allowed yourself to feel something and have let your guard down and let life in. Much as this is usually a fucked up place to be, it also allows you to fully see life in your own perspective. And if you are a creator of sorts, this could be the best time to compose that song, design that house, draw that art piece or develop that concept. Use it so that it’s not all for nothing.

Or just smoke weed 🙂